Kawai Grand Piano GX-1

Product Code : Kawai Grand

  • 88 keys (7 1/4 octaves)
  • Three pedal (with sostenuto)
  • Aliquot method
  • GX only hammer
  • Remote hammer shank reinforcement
  • Ultra-Responsive Action II
  • Dedicated frame GX
  • Fine ivory white keys (antibacterial effect)
  • Fine ebony black keys (antibacterial effect)
  • Fall soft keyboard cover
  • 5-stage music stand angle
  • Received large roof Tsukiage brass stopper rod / bar push up large roof
  • Single caster
  • Polished black paint finish
  • Weight 314kg 166cm / Depth 150cm / frontage 102cm / height
  • Optional accessories: chairs freely elevation, insulator, silicon cream, key cover

Keyboard of the piano, if you play if you play the front and back, it changes the depth and weight. Order to be able to play in stroke sufficient even if the longer the key, the fulcrum of the keyboard will be back more, the difference in the weight of the front and back is reduced, is played back, ease of play, Noshi representation I will improve ease.

Bold make specification changes that significantly extends the length of the keyboard, the GX series I've achieved more excellent sense of touch. In addition, the results associated with the extension of the length of the keyboard, the keyboard will conduct a review of the strength, volume richer obtained by fortissimo, also expanded dynamic range, greatly expands the range of musical expression.
Order to reflect the intent and nuances of playing the fingertip, important site accurate and precise operation is required is action mechanism. GX series all models equipped with "Ultra-Responsive Action Ⅱ", the revolutionary action mechanism Kawai's proprietary. ABS resin employed containing (carbon fiber) carbon fiber main parts, plays the improvement of sense of touch. By taking advantage of the characteristics of this new material is also used in aircraft, review the shape of each action, I realized high rigidity and light weight at the same time, which could not be realized in the wood. As a result, we have realized high durability performance degradation even less used per decades improved control dampers further light touch, roll and sex, and the expansion of dynamic range. This evolution can be from the moment I started playing, until the sound of the last one, realized in every moment
Will prompt you to shift to new materials from ebony and ivory in the growing environmental consciousness, has developed original research, the black keys Fine ebony white keys Fine Ivory with excellent characteristics of people and number (ivory artificial) (the ebony man-made). Pursue the ideal sense of touch is a contact point for the material and pianist piano keyboard, it is now highly regarded as key material in the new era. Boasting features a variety of such, is the "effect" antibacterial suppress prevent Misutatchi by the sweat, the breeding of bacteria for superior dust is less likely to adhere comfortable playing a much better feel warm, less highly charged, the water absorbability.

The exterior design is to establish a form of its own in a traditional I adopt a gradual and graceful curve and music stand bracket, and a deer grand piano. Before heavy 框 was expanded in order to improve body rigidity has also become a major feature on the exterior. How to paint your own by KAWAI has continued polishing, a glossy black body and depth and is beautifully dyed.

The beauty of GX is further shine When you open the large roof. Felt black to give the inner side plates warmth frame mark to prove that you made the frame of golden calm deep, by the hands of KAWAI craftsman, wood with a reddish color, the impression of a firm in the bulk and luster . Here is a design that embodies the spirit of "THE GRAND (The Grand)" called.
Keyboard when you close the lid, we adopted the lid closes slowly and naturally even if you let go of the wrong hands, the mechanism of its own software system Kawai fall. Order from the state slowly began to close the keyboard lid is opened, it takes some time to fully closed, it is safer not have to worry about children across the hand touching the keyboard lid carelessly.

Air vibration string vibration is a site that is said to significantly affect the balance "of sound", "growth" sound "Volume", "tone", "soundboard" change the sound, that is the heart of the piano.

The soundboard a significant impact on sound quality, the only material to be cleared to numerically rigorous standards of its own on the propagation velocity of sound and specific gravity, as well as conforming to standards sense of craftsman who knows a tree to use. Bass and rich with a sense of weight, has been achieved in a stretch bright treble.
On the inside of the piano, the grand piano, there are important sites known to support the soundboard and frame struts and together with the side plate to form the shape of the outer periphery of the unique grand piano with "(stacked) fried product."

In the GX series will review the material from one of this product fried, fried product introduced hybrid laminate hardwood mixed with different properties. By combining different materials, finished in exquisite balance fixed end strength enhancement, soundboard, and impact on the tone. Soundboard to vibrate more efficiently by this expressive power has been further improved.

In order to produce a more three-dimensional sound, GX Series, and improved body rigidity itself. Significantly increased the thickness of the stile before connecting pin plate expansion and to support the tension of the string that extends to about 20 tons resulting from the string of more than 200, a left and right side plates. That sense of unity and body rigidity has been improved, Tsubudatsu of one sound one sound is good, with a sense of three-dimensional sound has been born.
In addition, by increasing the rigidity around the tuning pin, I was equipped with the ability to respond significantly to improve the stability of the rhythm, and respond to requests delicate pianist. In addition, the scheme aliquot to enrich the harmonic richness of the sound medium and high by lay a pillow string to a part that does not vibration of the strings, he has given the breadth and depth of a more sound.

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